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New Website Homepage, Exploring & More! (Viewed 3,068 times)

Changes to the homepage, new Explore section and some bug fixes

Reymar Gooding
By Reymar Gooding
Published: 08 April 2009 (a long time ago)
Last Modified: 08 April 2009 (a long time ago)

Above is a screenshot of what the new homepage looks like. Also you should notice a new link in the header, that is, Explore (Where you’ll be able to see what others are doing).

Other minor adjustments/bug fixes will be applied to the site as well during this mini-push. Don’t forget, if there’s any comments or suggestions that you have, just drop us a note on the contact us page. (We really listen!)

Oh yes, before i go, we’re on Twitter so follow us if you want to receive live updates or to send us a quick message:

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