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How do I add text or captions to my picture? (Viewed 36,883 times)

Adding text or captions to your pictures just got a whole lot easier.

Reymar Gooding
By Reymar Gooding
Published: 19 September 2008 (a long time ago)
Last Modified: 19 May 2010 (a long time ago)

To add text or captions to a picture, first you need to upload at least one (1) picture. You can upload a picture as a Guest or if you are already a member, you can log in to your account. Now you can look for a link titled “Edit Pictures” to the top of the page (members only) or “Edit this picture” under a recently uploaded picture to get started. Click here for more information about uploading and importing pictures.

You should now be ready to edit a picture and below is a screenshot of what your browser should look like. In this example we’ve used a random picture of Justin Bieber.


To begin adding text, select the Text Tool directly from the “Quick Menu” or we can find it in “All Effects & Adjustments” or “Fun Stuff”.

Now, click the “Add a new caption...” button to add a new caption to the picture, this will allow you to add a text block to the picture (You can add as many text blocks to the picture as you like one-by-one).

When the box appears, enter the text or caption that you would like just as you would like it to look on the picture (You can force words to appear on a new line by pressing “Enter” in the text box) and when you are finished, press the “SAVE” button to preview the text.

Now you should see lots more options to customize the “look and feel” of the caption. Here you can set the font family, color, size, vertical and horizontal alignment, background color, shadow, opacity, rotation, padding and quality.

In this example, the default color is set to black so it is pretty difficult to tell that it is actually there, so you can click on the text block and drag it using the mouse or you can resize the block using the four (4) black handles until it appears exactly where you want on the picture.

Let’s begin customizing the caption by making the text white and let’s also use a much larger font so it is more visible. To do this, click the “Change Font & Color” button. A dialog should pop up similar to the screenshot below:

In the configure your font window, let’s select a cool font and change the color to white or something light, also lets change the size to something big. Here you can also set Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, Underline or even an Outline for the text. We’ll explore these options in detail in a more advanced article, but for now let’s keep it simple.

When you are finished, click the “OK” button to update our preview.

Now, the preview should have been updated and now the font is much larger and in white. Ok, so maybe we don’t want the caption to be on the left, so let’s drag it somewhere over to the right.

Similarly, you could have dragged it to the bottom left or right if you wanted to, depending on your creativity.

Now that looks great there, next let’s update our picture by clicking the “Save Changes” button in red (we can always go back and adjust the settings for a caption by selecting it from the list or from the Changes History)

The picture has been updated with the new caption. Notice the text block/handles disappear and also the Changes History automatically appears and you can see the text “JUSTIN” has been successfully added to the picture.

Now let’s add another caption for the last name. We could have added both names in the first caption but let’s get more creative and make the last name smaller and in a different front family as well as color. To do this, repeat the steps above to add a new caption.

This time, we’ve added a new caption for the last name “BIEBER” and chose a different font, color and size. Also we’ve dragged it across to appear just under the first name.

Again, depending on your creativity, you can move the caption around or use a different font/size/color etc. but for this example this looks fine so let’s save the changes to actually update the caption to the picture.

Notice now that the Changes History has two (2) Text/Captions which mean that they have successfully been applied to the picture.

Now we are ready to download or save this picture to our gallery. Let’s go ahead and save the picture to our gallery by clicking the “Save” button from the top menu.

Be sure to give the picture an appropriate title and set your privacy options. If you would automatically like to save this picture to Facebook, Twitter, Photobucket, Flickr, etc. don’t forget to connect to your favorite service and they will appear under the “Connect” option. Click here to learn more about Connect and how to automatically save pictures to your favourite services.

When you are finished, click the “Save Now” button and if everything went successfully, it should look similar to the screenshot below.

That’s it folks!

We hope this article has helped you understand how to add captions or text to your pictures. Look out for a more advanced article to learn how to do more fancy customizations such as advanced font colors, using outlines, shadows, background colors and much more!

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