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How do I create a collage? (Viewed 39,466 times)

Reymar Gooding
By Reymar Gooding
Published: 19 September 2008 (a long time ago)
Last Modified: 20 September 2008 (a long time ago)

To create a collage, first you need to have an account so you can have a set of pictures to work with. Once you are already a member, you can log in to your account to get started. You can now look for a link titled 'Create a collage' on the Home page or the My Pictures page.

You should now be ready to create your collage.

Step 1

Providing that you have more than one picture, or made more than one edit to a picture, all your pictures (including the edits that you made) should appear on the current page. Now all you have to do, just click on the pictures that you want to include in your collage and they should appear to your 'left' as smaller thumbnails. Now when you think you've selecetd all the pictures that you want, you can proceed to the next step. [Remember, you can always return to this step!]


Step 2

Next, all you have to do is select a default layout for your collage, and just hit 'Next Step' to continue.


Step 3

Ta Da! You should see your collage appearing in a matter of seconds in the layout that you chose in the previous step. On this page, you will notice that there are three (3) buttons, namely, 'Preview', 'Save', 'Download' and several other options which you can adjust to further customize your collage.

Preview - Whenever you press this button, the collage will refresh and automatically apply any adjustments that were made. For example, if you changed the size of the collage or the border settings of the collage, when you hit the 'Preview' button, you will be able to see the new collage with the changes that were made.

Save - After you have created the perfect collage, you can save it to add it to your collection of pictures. You can also export the collage to one of your favorite photo sharing, photo blogging or phot hosting websites such as Flickr, ImageShack, MySpace or even Hi5.

Download - Click this button if you would like to download the collage to your computer. After you click it, a small dialog should appear in your browser asking you to either save or download your picture.

To learn more about customizing you collage, check out this article which should go into details about how you can customize your collage!


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